"The finest performance is rendered by Sarah Wintermeyer as the brave Paulina [Winter's Tale]. Her chastising face-offs with Leontes show that the bards women can be every bit as strong as the man (or, in this case, stronger)." - Jacques Lamarre, Broadway World

"Following in the footsteps of Mary Martin, perky Sarah Wintermeyer is a delight with a winning personality and lots of heart. Wintermeyer is also the strongest singer in the show it is a master of the jazzy style of the music." - Lisa Milligan, Modesto Bee


"Sarah Wintermeyer stood out in the title role, giving Agnes a beatific smile and gently floating stride. In a key scene, when Livingstone hypnotized Agnes to revisit the baby's birth and death, Wintermeyer enabled the audience to see what Agnes saw. The power of her gaze had head heads turning to see characters on stage that weren't actually there, just ghosts and Agnes' mind." - Dan Taylor, The Press Democrat


"Wintermeyer meets the challenge of playing Vanessa [In the Heights] as a strong, determined and independent women who can overcome the obstacles in her life and find room for love." - Harry Duke, Sonoma County Gazette 

"Sarah Wintermeyer, full of brassy tenderness, is the more winning of the two. Skillful at song and dance, she is also convincing her evolution from hick he doesn't know how to swirl Brandy in a glass to a woman successfully sloughing off the limits of her upbringing."   - Patricia Harrelson, The Union Democrat

"As Nellie, Sarah Wintermeyer is part perky adolescent and part grown woman with sophisticated desires and dreams. Her voice is terrific, and the perkiness comes through in "A Cockeyed Optimist" right out of the gate." - Mike Taylor, Calaveras Enterprise

"Notable performances come from James Jelkin and Sarah Wintermeyer as the mature lovers, Benedict and Beatrice. Jelkin and Wintermeyer are delightful to watch as they carry the reluctant lovers through antagonism and a childish competitiveness through a sincere love and affection." - Melanie Savage, Reminder News